Joris Wouters, about La Corda

Joris Wouters had trainings in France, Germany, Italy and mainly at Carleen Hutchins (1911-2011). Not only did she became his mentor but also a true friend. Hutchins was internationally respected made her name with numerous publications on the acoustics of bowed instruments, Joris Wouters studied 15 years under Hutchins.
Hutchins: “It takes years of practice to become a violinmaker and decades to hone a master.”
After 30 Years, I dare to say I’m proud to stand in her shadow.
During his 35 year career he has made about 130 instruments, violins, violas, cellos and double basses.
Numerous of his instruments have been accuired abroad.
Joris Wouters gives also workshops on violinmaking and plate tuning abroad.

‘This is a very good instrument,
it needs to be played’.

Yuri Bashmet on a viola he tried.

I must confess I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s so easy to play, it’s much easier than my cello actually. But it’s surprisingly alive already. I can only say: bravo, bravo

Micha Maisky on one of his last cello’s.

A silver, clear, warm timbre with a range of harmonics.
I’ve never played on a better bass!

Silvio Dalla Torre

It goes without saying that there are quality differences between different luthiers.
Joris Wouters is one of the very best I have met worldwide.

Roel Dieltiens