Easter 2020

Jan Sciffer, Easter 2020, 2020

During the lockdown in 2020 cellist Jan Sciffer (Spiegel String Quartet) composed a piece for 7 cellos with the title: Easter 2020. He dedicated it to the new cello of Joris Wouters.

The composer on his intentions:

“When Joris Wouters informed me he wanted to build a new cello for charity, I immediately knew I wanted to support the cause. Since playing a concert on the new cello for friends and family was unthinkable in full lockdown, I decided to write a piece especially for and dedicated to the new instrument. It is called Easter 2020 (with thanks to Bach, for the cello made by Joris Wouters in this period).

The work includes elements of the time as I experienced it around Easter. Enjoying a live performance of the St. Matthew Passion was impossible, but I couldn’t get one passage (O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden) out of my mind. I rewrote Bach’s music as a symbol of comfort in the midst of uncertainty, ominous news, and isolation, and to serve as an antidote to ambulance sirens and tempered applause for aid workers.

May the sound of the new cello of Joris speak to the hearts of many – and thus contribute to the beautiful and the good.”

Recording location: Cultuurkapel Odulphus (met dank aan Dirk Van Nimmer)
Recording: Dagmar Feyen

Jan Sciffer, Easter 2020, 2020