Ambassador cellist Roel Dieltiens

Solely based on the quality of Wouters’ instruments, Roel Dieltiens immediately offered to collaborate on this project. He gathered partners to be able sell the instrument and donate the proceeds to musicians in need who were affected by the corona crisis. Upon explicit request of the luthier, a percentage will also go to the destroyed music school in Mosoul (Irak), a project of Rudi Vranckx (Canvas).

Roel Dieltiens:

“At the beginning of my solo career, I fell deeply in love with an old Italian cello. I then tried to move heaven and earth to be able to buy that instrument, but financing the huge amount turned out to be impossible for me at the time.
That huge disappointment fortunately turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I started looking for more affordable alternatives and after many wanderings, I discovered some excellent, newly built instruments. Overall, the value for money was so overwhelming that I no longer hesitated to have a new cello built for me. I have exclusively played that cello ever since and all my CDs for the Harmonia Mundi label were recorded playing it.
After a solo performance with or without an orchestra, or after a recital with piano, I am regularly asked about my fantastic instrument, which is now only 28 years old and cost a fraction of that expensive old Italian cello I initially set my eyes on. People are always amazed that a new cello can sound so beautiful.

Violin makers regularly come to my house to ask for my opinion on their instruments. It goes without saying that all those luthiers differ in quality. That is why I am so pleased that Joris Wouters is now donating a cello to Cello for Charity, because he simply is one of the very best that I have met worldwide.”

Journalist Rudi Vranckx

Rudi Vranckx also expressed his enthusiasm for this project and offered his help. He documented the building of the cello on video (see trailer 1).

In 2018, Rudi Vranckx committed to a project in a music school in Mosoul (Irak) that has been destroyed by ISIS. A part of the proceeds will also be donated to this project.

Auction House Bernaerts

Auction House Bernaerts is taking the lead on this project and will auction the instrument online on the 10th of December 2020. To increase the proceeds additional lots will be sold.

The auction house is providing their sale channels, expertise and salerooms to be used for the auction, possible promotional concerts and filming space.